Can Humans Breathe in Space?  Science Show!

Can Humans Breathe in Space? Science Show!

Welcome to Science Show! This episode we tackle a fan-submitted question: Can humans breathe in space? Stick around, have fun, and you might just learn something! ------- Science Show Lyrics: Science Show, it's a treat, hanging out on science street, Science Show. Science show, it's your turn, grab a friend it's time to learn, Science Show. Science show, now's your chance, lets put on our science pants, Science Show. Science Show, it's so swell, you'll need your science coat as well, Science Show. Drop the base, drop the acid. We're changing phase, from the liquids to the gasses. Now we're less dense, so up we go, We're getting high, on Science Show Science Show, grab some pie, 3.14159, Science Show. Science Show, crack the code, this is totally not the first episode, Science Show. -----