Got the lockdown blues? Take this trivia quiz on astronomy and space - Physics World

Got the lockdown blues? Take this trivia quiz on astronomy and space - Physics World

To mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, test your knowledge of space and astronomy with this fun quiz – answers next week

Image of a tardigrade
Fly me to the Moon: around 10,000 tardigrades were aboard an Israeli Moon mission that crashed into the lunar surface in April. (Courtesy: iStock/Eraxion)

1 What is another name for Tardigrades – the tiny creatures left on the Moon when Israel’s Beresheet craft crashed into the lunar surface in 2019? A Water bears B Water dragons C Water flies D Water horses

2 What object left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts do some scientists think should be retrieved by a future lunar mission? A Alan Shepard’s golf ball B Buzz Aldrin’s bag of faeces C Harrison Schmitt’s rock hammer D Gene Cernan’s lunar rover

3 Who or what were Harriot, Wangshu, Abol and Umbäässa? A Comets B Exoplanets C Craters on Mars D Presidents of the International Astronomical Union

4 What name was given to the two ultra-high energy neutrinos detected in 2014 by the IceCube observatory at the South Pole? A Bill and Ben B Bert and Ernie C Tom and Jerry D Batman and Robin

5 How many of the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission were quarantined when they returned to Earth? A None B One C Two D Three

6 What topping featured on a Pizza Hut pizza delivered to the International Space Station in 2001? A Anchovies B Mushrooms C Pepperoni D Salami

7 What was the error in the size of the perimeter of the primary mirror on the Hubble Space Telescope after launch in 1990? A 2.2 nanometres B 2.2 microns C 2.2 millimetres D 2.2 centimetres

8 What society did astronomers Mary Blagg, Ella Church, Grace Cook and Fiammetta Wilson become the first elected fellows of in 1916? A Royal Society B American Astronomical Society C Royal Astronomical Society D Astronomical Society of the Pacific

9 What did NASA recently name its Mars rover to? A Persistance B Perserverance C Persuasion D Perscipacity

10 What kind of lettuce was recently grown on the International Space Station? A Iceberg B Red romaine C Lollo rosso D Frisée

Want to know the answers? We’ll reveal all next week on Friday 1 May.

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