Prof Rickson said an alternative approach is to ignore measurement of soil properties and reward farmers for farming in ways that typically improve soil carbon, such reduced ploughing, planting “cover..
Martinique is an integral part of France, but one of the island's MPs, Serge Letchimy, says it would never have taken the state so many years to react if there..
"When you put it in the context of the scale of the climate and nature emergencies that we face, and indeed the scale of the job emergencies that we face,..
SpaceX has signed contracts with Nasa valued in excess of $3bn to develop, test and fly an astronaut taxi service. As part of this relationship, the company ran a demonstration..
Nasa and SpaceX were due to send four astronauts to the International Space Station late on Saturday - but then the weather changed their plans. Crew-1 is currently scheduled to blast..
Ryan McKibben, SLS Green Run test conductor at Stennis Space Center, told BBC News: "When you actually see the real deal, with the real avionics, the real tanks - the..
The government has agreed the UK must stop metaphorically "importing" the problem of deforestation. Its move has been welcomed by environmentalists, but they raise questions whether it will be possible..
"Work is planned to reduce the impacts of flaring, but it's already been delayed, and as far as I understand it won't have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions...