Policy Watch :  Humans in Space Policy | Episode - 428

Policy Watch : Humans in Space Policy | Episode - 428

This week's episode of Policy Watch focuses on the draft "Humans in Space Policy. The Department of Space has put up for public consultation the draft "Humans in Space Policy for India -- 2021" and guidelines and procedures for its implementation. The Department believes that given the collaborative nature of human spaceflight due to its multi-disciplinary nature, it is essential to have a policy framework, which not only fosters partnerships but also addresses proliferation concerns and compliance to existing policies, laws, and treaties. According to the draft, the human-spaceflight program needs to be sustained over longer periods to deliver tangible benefits. Hence, it is essential that the policy enables sustained presence in low earth orbit and beyond through reliable, robust, safe, and affordable means by undertaking appropriate capacity-building measures like collaborations, infrastructure development, modernization, technology development, and human resource development. This would also encourage new industries, create high technology jobs, enable socio-economic growth and further enhance India's stature and role in space Anchor : Kriti Mishra Guests : Dr. V.S. Hegde, Former Scientific Secretary, ISRO : Dr. S. Pal, Former Senior Advisor, Satellite Navigation, ISRO